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Guildhall Tavern Restaurant, Poole, Dorset
A-La-Carte Menu

The Guildhall Restaurant Menu present the finest locally caught fish and seafood with French presentation and Flair. Our specials board also offers exciting seasonal dishes We also offer non-fish cuisine and special diet options.

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A-La-Carte Menu


Brownsea Island oysters £2.40 each


Selection of cooked Canapés     per person  £5.00


6 Escargots de Bourgogne (GF)                               £7.50

Snails x6 from Burgundy cooked in garlic butter (shell off)


Saint-Jacques a l’ail (GF)                                       £9.50

Pan-Fried Fresh King Size Scallops x 4                 

 (roes on) in garlic butter, crispy salad


Laitance de Hareng                                                  £7.95

Pan-Fried Soft Herring Roes Simply on Toast


Petite Bouillabaisse (DF)                                        £8.50

Homemade Fish Soup Garnished with prawns and mussels, served with aioli, croutons and grated cheese (separately).

Can be GF if mentioned as you order


Moules a la Mariniere (GF)                                                £7.95

Rope Grown Mussels Steamed in Muscadet wine with chopped onions, garlic and parsley, finished with cream.

Can be (DF) if you prefer without cream


Tarte Fine Crabe et Saint-Jacques                                    £8.50

Thin puff pastry topped with fresh Crab and Scallops,

dill cream sauce


Crevettes a la Mauritienne x5 (GF DF)                £7.95

Giant Tiger prawns in Pineapple, mango and

sweet Chili sauce



Soupe a l’Oignon (V)                                               £7.95

Traditional French Onion Soup gratinated with

cheese and croutons. Can be GF on Request


Souffle au Fromage (V)                                           £7.95

Double Baked Cheese Souffle finished with cream



Selection of seasonal vegetables in tempura, pineapple, mango and sweet chili dip £7.95

Stir fried guinoa and mixed vegeatables, Pan fried tofu £7.95




All our main courses are inclusive

of new potatoes or French fries, and mixed salad or fresh vegetables

Saint-Jacques Mornay    £22.95

Oven Baked Fresh Scallops, Prawns, Fresh Crab and Mushroom glazed

with Cheesy Creamy Mornay sauce


Fresh local lobster

cold with Mayonnaise, grilled with garlic or Thermidor

1/2 £27.50 Full £55.00


Poole dressed crab £27.00 


2lb Dover sole meuniere £33.95


Pan fried fresh fillet of Turbot, lemon butter £30.95


Aile de Raie a la Provencale (DF GF)                    £20.95

Pan Fried Large Skate Wing. with fresh caper berries, tomatoes and virgin olive oil


Loup de Mer Flambe au Pernod (DF GF)  £22.95

Chargrilled Whole Seabass flambeed with Pernod

at your table (Can be filleted in the kitchen prior to

cooking but recommended served on the bone )


Lotte epicee a la Thailandaise (GF)  £22.95

Fresh Monkfish medallions sauteed in a rich red

Thai curry and coconut milk sauce, Basmati rice


Filet de Fletan £21.95

Pan fried fresh Halibut Supreme wrapped in pancetta, Hollandaise sauce



Filet de Boeuf au Poivre vert  £23.95

8oz Beef Fillet Madagascar green peppercorn sauce


La pintade aux Ecrevisses (GF)   £22.95

Fresh Guinea Fowl supreme served with garlic

 and Crayfish butter, lobster reduction


Carre d’Agneau au miel et Romarin (DF GF)      £23.95

4 Chops Dorset Rack of Lamb fresh rosemary

 and honey sauce


Boeuf Bourguignon (DF GF)                                  £18.00

Traditional Slow Cooked Beef stewed with French Red Merlot, onions, carrots,

mushrooms and smoked pancetta





Stir fried quinoa and mixed vegetables, pan fried tofu £19.00

Stir fried guinoa and mixed vegeatables, Pan fried tofu £19.00



All our desserts are home made


Crème Brulée Tia Maria (GF)

Tia Maria crème brulee £6.95


Coupe Colonel

Frozen Vodka over Lemon sorbet (GF) (DF) £6.95


Crème Caramel (GF)

Up side down flan, caramel sauce £4.95


Hazelnut meringue

Filled with fresh whipped cream and fresh raspberries (GF) £6.95


Tarte Tatin, Glace Vanille

Up side down caramelised apple tart, Vanilla ice cream £6.95


The amazing Guildhall Tavern Pear, Ginger and Chocolate Sphere (GF) £6.95



Crêpe Suzette, Orange segments, Flambéed with Grand Marnier £6.95

Crêpe Normande, Roasted apple wedges, Flambéed with Calvados£6.95

Crêpe au chocolate £4.95

Crêpe anglaise, Lemon and sugar £4.95


Judes Ice Cream and Sorbets

Ice creams

Vanilla bean, Chocolate, Strawberry, Salted caramel, Coffee, diabetic vanilla, Ginger Spice per scoop £2.00


Blackcurrant, lemon, Pear and ginger per scoop £2.00


Mature French Cheeses

We import a wide selection of fine cheeses from the famous Rungis market in Paris; Livarot, Pont l’eveque, Camembert, Epoisses, Munster and Reblochon are the most popular. We serve cheeses with grapes, celery and crackers. £8.95

Guildhall Tavern Restaurant, 15 Market Street Poole, Dorset, BH15 1NB, United Kingdom. Telephone 01202 671717.